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Food in Chico, CA: Thai, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean

Chico can be rightly named a perfect destination for food trips. There are so many restaurants that if you come here you will be like a kid in a candy store. The number of bars, restaurants and cafes really strikes. What is more, different cuisines are served there.

Thai Food in Chico, CA

In order to fall in love with Thai cuisine, it’s not necessary to be in Thailand at all, it’s enough to try several dishes in Chico restaurants. Anyway, it will immediately become clear that the taste and smell of lemon grass, galangal, cardamom, coconut milk and chili pepper will remain in your heart. The taste buds of your tongue from time to time will persistently demand to appease them at least once more with Thai food. Here are the best restaurants of Thai food in Chico, CA:
  • Cocodine Chico

  • Thai Basil Chico

  • Mekkala Chico

Indian Food in Chico, CA

The number of spices in Indian cooking is really shocking. Several dozens spices are used in this cuisine. For example it could be well-known coriander, cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, red (cayenne) and black pepper, chili pepper, mustard seeds, nutmeg, poppy. But except of widely used ones, there are species such as ajwain (ordinary stiti seeds, a relative of cumin), asafoetida (a relative of fennel), black salt, Kalindzhu. A mixture of several spices, called garam masala, is very popular in India. It includes coriander, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, Indian cumin, black pepper, cardamom. Garam masala is added not only to different dishes, but even to the tea with milk. In general, masala is any mixture of spices, herbs and seasonings, consisting of 2 to 20 or more ingredients. If you are the lover of spicy food, you should taste Indian Food in Chico, CA:
  • Priya Chico

  • Gogi’s Cafe Chico

  • Taj Fine Indian Cuisine Chico

Chinese Food in Chico, CA

Chinese cuisine, which has an ancient history and is famous all over the world, is one of the most important components of Chinese civilization. Chinese food is characterized by the range of different products and high skills of chefs. Requirements are: careful selection of raw materials, delicate processing, mastery of the skill to regulate fire in order to get the dishes of the desired flavor, taste and nutritional value. Best Chinese restaurants in Chico, CA:
  • Chan Pheng's Mandarin Cuisine Chico

  • Tong Fong Low Chico

  • Happy Garden Restaurant Chico

  • Panda Express Chico

Mexican Food in Chico, CA

Mexican cuisine is well known for its variety of tastes and colors, as well as a combination of various spices and unique ingredients. The most important components of traditional Mexican cuisine are cereals and legumes, as well as various types of chili peppers. Known for its diverse flavors, Mexican cuisine is the result of the interaction of the Spanish conquistadors’ culture and the culture of the Aztecs. Most of the Mexican dishes that we eat today are a delightful fusion of the ancient culinary traditions of the Aztecs, Mayas and Spaniards. Best Mexican restaurants in Chico, CA:
  • Tres Hombres Chico

  • La Hacienda Restaurant Chico

  • Sol Mexican Grill Chico

Korean Food in Chico, CA

The main feature of Korean cuisine is the fantastic spiciness of dishes. The love of the Korean to spicy foods is understandable. After all, the main dish is boiled rice - the food is nutritious, but rather bland. Inventive Koreans created "food additives", with red pepper as main component. In addition, climatic conditions did not allow to store products for a long time. This forced the locals to "preserve" them with a myriad of spices. Best Korean restaurants in Chico, CA:
  • Oshio Teriyaki Chico

  • Sun’s Cafe Chico