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Casual Dining in Chico, CA - Best Casual Restaurants

Casual dining is a format that appeared on the verge of fast food and fine dining, something in between. Prices in such restaurants are affordable and democratic, as they determine the cost of their meals in such a way that it is accessible to as many guests as possible. Nevertheless, in terms of restaurant design, quality of service and food, they play in the premium segment. So, today we observe an increase in the number of restaurants of this particular format. Meanwhile, they can be completely different not only in size, but also in the cuisine and even in guest expectations. Some of them attract students, some of them are over 25 years old, and some are waiting for abstract “everyone” at all. The format of such restaurants is complicated precisely by the fact that it is trying to combine things that seem to be of little compatibility - a high level of design and service with availability. Here is the list of the most popular casual dining restaurants in Chico: Pueblito Mexican Grill
  • Madison Bear Garden

  • Unwined Kitchen & Bar

  • Big Hot Crab

  • Fresh Twisted Cafe