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Restaurants in Chico, CA

Chico is famous not only for one of the oldest campuses of the California State University. And not only for being a green city or city of roses. It is also known for having a huge amount of great restaurants. Food in Chico is really delicious and if you come here at least once you will return to this city. At least because you would not be able to forget the “taste” of Chico.

Restaurants in Chico, CA - Best Places to Eat

Chico restaurants can propose you food of different cuisines. So, you can choose whatever you want - weather to go to the Mexican restaurant and taste spicy food, or to go to the Italian one and enjoy creamy pasta melting in your mouth.

Best restaurants in Chico, CA

It was difficult to highlight some restaurants among all the others because all the places to eat in Chico are great in their own way. But we managed to do it. According to people’s choice, here are the best restaurants in Chico, CA:
  • 5th Street Steakhouse
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing
  • Leon Bistro
  • Crush
  • Mom’s

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner in Chico, CA

In breakfast cafes you can enjoy standard dishes like eggs+bacon+toast+cheese or something like that. But of course, there are other dishes that are definitely worth trying.
  • Upper Crust Bakery
  • Morning Thunder Cafe
  • Mom’s
There you may enjoy fresh made bakery, croissants, different cereals, granola with yogurt, pancakes and many more. If to speak about lunch, the same cafes are suitable, but also you can visit:
  • Nobby’s Burger
  • Priya Cafe
According to your preferences, you may choose the place to eat in Palm Springs in the evening. There are fine dining restaurants, bistros, diners and so on. If you want to have a perfect evening tasting delicious food with your sweetheart, you definitely should visit best Chico restaurants. Also, one more advantage of Chico restaurants is that live music is a common thing there.

Mexican Restaurants in Chico, CA - Best Mexican Food

Variety of dishes will please you. If you are a lover of spicy food here is the list of best Chico’s Mexican restaurants:
  • Tres Hombres
  • La Hacienda
  • La Familia
Attention! As these restaurants are really popular, there are a lot of visitors, so sometimes the kitchen and waiters are overworked. Be ready that cooking the meal for you will take some time. If you want to taste the best Mexican food in Chico you should be patient.

Italian Restaurants in Chico, CA

Real connoisseurs of Italian food will find out that chefs in Chico’s Italian restaurants are really cool. All the dishes are the work of art! Here is the kist of the best Chico’s Italian restaurants:
  • Crush
  • Sicilian Cafe
  • Franky’s

Chinese Restaurants in Chico, CA - Best Sushi in Chico

People say that wherever you come to these three restaurants it is always delicious here:
  • Chan Pheng's Mandarin Cuisine
  • Tong Fong Low
  • Happy Garden Restaurant

Food Delivery in Chico, CA

Almost all the restaurants in Chico offer food delivery, but the most famous and the most used delivery in Chico is Woodstock’s Pizza Chico.

Fast Food in Chico, CA

The last but not the least. There are many fast food restaurants in Chico and all of them offer yummy burgers, chips and many more. The best fast food restaurants in Chico, CA are:
  • Madison Bear Garden
  • Pueblito Mexican Grill
  • Mom’s Restaurant