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Restaurants in Chico, CA

An important part of rest in the city is tasty and authentic food. But not everyone likes the national cuisine, moreover, on vacation you always want to diversify the usual diet with Japanese, Chinese or Mexican dishes. You can find a restaurant in Chico for every taste: from such unhealthy but tasty fast foods to local cuisine, which you will not try anywhere else. We offer a list of different institutions. Restaurants in Chico, CA are united only by the fact that there is always delicious, cozy and clean. You can dine, have a snack, have a family dinner in any of them: every guest is welcome and welcome with great pleasure. Restaurants are divided into the so-called casual diving - cozy cafes with no frilly interior, a great place for a snack. You can go there in casual clothes. Another type is fine dining. These establishments are more refined, suitable for celebrating a celebration.

Asian cuisine

Presented by rolls, sushi, traditional wok and snacks. There are the usual restaurants for long meals and bistros: a quick and hearty snack. Chico also serves Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine. The dishes use only fresh ingredients, which ensures impeccable taste and memorable familiarity with the culture of the East. What is worth trying:
  • rolls: Americans represent them in their own way, so you will find interesting combinations;
  • sushi with fresh fish and seafood;
  • Chinese woks - different types of noodles, fried in a special pan with vegetables and meat at high temperatures;
  • cold appetizers with sweet and sour sauces, unagi, teriyaki.

Italian food

Homeland pizza and pasta with different fillings. Try European cuisine in many places, because pizza has long won a niche of fast, but quite healthy food. The menu of cafes and restaurants is not limited only to it, therefore in one place it will turn out to feed a large company with different preferences. Try:
  • classic thin-crust pizza with a small amount of filling, for example, Margarita: this is how you will understand the exquisite taste of each component;
  • white cheese pizza 4;
  • aldente pasta with parmesan, Italian herbs and seafood;
  • Focaccio - traditional Italian bread.

Mexican food

Spicy, spicy, with a lot of sauces and meat - for those who like hearty food for little money. The best tacos, quesadillas and chili con carne will be prepared by chefs of famous Mexican restaurants. It will be hot and tasty! How to understand the names:
  • taco - cornmeal tortillas with different fillings and salsa sauces (from tomatoes) and guacamole (avocado);
  • quesadilla - a cake in the form of a pie with cheese filling, baked on both sides;
  • chili con carne - minced meat with spices and gravy;
  • Burrito - flat cake stuffed with rice, meat, beans.

American cuisine

Combines the elements of many others. But, where else but in America, you will be able to try the most juicy and tasty burger, hot dog or peanut butter. Fans of healthy eating can also choose everyday meals: they are simple but healthy dishes. Rate the taste:
  • meat burgers with a thousand island dressing;
  • root dogs;
  • steaks cooked on open fire with barbecue sauce;
  • muffins;
  • cheesecakes;
  • American pancakes with famous maple syrup and peanut butter.
In the city of Chico a large number of institutions for every taste in every corner of the town. Wherever you are, there will always be a good establishment or even a few with delicious cuisine and pleasant service. There are more budget and casual cafes, and there are evening and restaurants for the ceremonial exit