Reserves and National Parks in Chico, CA

Reserves and national parks are the territories in which nature is preserved in its natural form, and on which the economic activity of a person is prohibited (although there are exceptions). The main goal of such establishments is to preserve rare species of living organisms and important natural objects. This is achieved by limiting the activities of people at the territory of such places. Reserves are the areas protected with the most stringent regime. As a rule, they are closed from a free visit, although sometimes tourists are still allowed to visit reserves. But all they can do is to simply admire nature. National parks are the areas protected with a more free regime. Here even economic activity of a person is permissible, however, in limited quantities. And, unlike nature reserves, everyone, who wants to, can visit national parks. Chico is famous for protecting nature and letting it stay in its pristine state. So, there are many protected areas in Chico and nearby.

Wildlife Areas and Ecological Reserves in Chico and nearby, CA:

  • Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

  • Butte College Wildlife Refuge

  • Genetic Resource & Conservation Center

  • Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve

  • Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex

  • Butte Creek Ecological Reserve