Hiking, Cycling, Running and Outdoor Activities

Hiking in Chico, CA

Hiking has positive sides: considerable freedom in choosing routes and trails, less expensive than other types, since less comfortable places are used for accommodation. The city of Chico is a place, where nature shows its real strength in creating the beauty. You should be crazy not to go hiking while in Chico. Hiking is the most interesting and a "noble" kind of the outdoor activities. So stand up from your chair and get ready for the road! But remember! For the correct activity of the tourist’s organism, he should combine physical activities with the rest. Overcoming long distances in a long period of time require the alternation of work with rest. Workout for everyone must be individual cause all we have different health state.

Hiking in Bidwell Park, Chico, CA

Bidwell Park is a municipal park in Chico. It attracts a lot of people by it’s beautiful nature, fresh air and the atmosphere of relaxation. The Park is divided by Manzanita Avenue into 2 parts: Lower and Middle+Upper Bidwell. The Lower Bidwell lays in the Western part of the Park, The Upper one - in Eastern. If you come to Chico you surely should visit this park. It matches perfectly for hiking, cycling and also you may walk your dog here. What is more in Bidwell Park there are swings, places for bbq and picnic areas. It is a perfect place to come to with children, because they will not get bored. As one more plus, in Bidwell Park you can swim in Big Chico Creek and in the Horseshoe Lake. So, if you want to escape the hot sun and the heat of the Chico City, you may rest under the 80 feet oaks and bask in the poor water. People in one voice say that Bidwell Park is amazing!

Cycling in Chico, CA

Hiking is not the only one popular sport in the city. People in Chico really adore cycling. Cycling can unite generations and rally your family. Here are some tips on how to organize a bike ride:
  • Cycling routes. Find information about cycling trails in the city so that the walk is not only interesting, but also safe.
  • Do not forget about equipment. Take water and sandwiches, sunglasses, protective cream, caps or hats, bicycle locks, a pump, a small set of tools and an old camera. If you go with a child, do not overload the him with heavy things so that he does not lose balance during the ride.
  • Arrange layovers. Do not forget to take a break, especially if the day is hot and humid. You can stop for a while to drink, eat or take a picture.
  • Document family trips. Taking pictures will cheer children up and help preserve pleasant memories. Give everyone the opportunity to capture what he wants, whether it's a landscape or a group portrait. Printed photos can be pasted into a special album and come up with a caption for each picture. You will never get tired of flipping through the family chronicle of bicycle trips and replenish it with fresh episodes.
There are two cycling clubs in Chico:
  • Chico Velo Cycling Club

  • Chico Corsa Cycling

So, bicycle is a powerful modern means of healing and maintaining the body in good shape. The benefits of a bicycle are much higher than in many other sports.