Bidwell Park

Bidwell Park Chico, CA

Bidwell Park is a municipal park in Chico. It attracts a lot of people by it’s beautiful nature, fresh air and the atmosphere of relaxation. The Park is divided by Manzanita Avenue into 2 parts: Lower and Middle+Upper Bidwell. The Lower Bidwell lays in the Western part of the Park, The Upper one - in Eastern. If you come to Chico you surely should visit this park. It matches perfectly for hiking, cycling and also you may walk your dog here. What is more in Bidwell Park there are swings, places for bbq and picnic areas. It is a perfect place to come to with children, because they will not get bored. As one more plus, in Bidwell Park you can swim in Big Chico Creek and in the Horseshoe Lake. So, if you want to escape the hot sun and the heat of the Chico City, you may rest under the 80 feet oaks and bask in the poor water.

Upper Bidwell Park, Chico

Horseshoe Lake and the Monkey Face. As we have already mentioned, you can swim in The Horseshoe Lake. Moreover, you can take swimming lessons there, if you want your swimming skills to improve. But if you are at the Horseshoe Lake, don’t forget to go to the Monkey face. It is a rock near the lake that resembles a marmoset. This lake is a very picturesque place and it is definitely worth visiting! One more attraction of the Upper Bidwell Park is Five Mile. It is a recreation area, to be more precise - it is a picnic area. Except of having BBQ and playing outdoor games, you also can swim there in a human-made reservoir.

Lower Bidwell Park, Chico

The lower part of the park can be called more calm, in some way. This area is perfect for cycling as it is not as rocky as Upper Park. You may rent a bike near the park (there are a lot of rentals) or come there with your own one. Be sure that the time you spend in the Bidwell Park will be perfect. There are a lot of hiking trails so it would be better to have comfortable boots on.

Bidwell Park Golf Course

If you are a golf lover, you may play your favourite game in Bidwell Park. There are a lot of huge picturesque fields with 18 holes. Scenic views are guaranteed! Also you may attend annual golf competitions that are held there.

Bidwell Park Pizza, Chico

You came to the park and had forgot to take food? Not a problem! There is a diner right near the park. You may eat in or take away and taste delicious pizza lying at the grass in the shadow of old trees. If you are not a pizza lower and you want to have a healthy meal, Bidwell Park Pizza can offer you different yummy salads.