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Additional Points of Interest

The reserve is a territory of exceptional nature. There are few places on the planet where untouched nature has been preserved. National parks and reserves are made to preserve the virgin environment. A reserve is a piece of land or a water area that is under the protection of the law. In reserves it is prohibited to engage in industrial and economic activities. Any fishing is strictly punished here.

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve

There you can enjoy not only Big Chico Creek which falls into the river of Sacramento, but also wild habitat and animals that are at the edge of extinction. The unique landscape, especially valuable plants, rare animals are the factors causing the emergence of Big Chico Ecological Reserve in this geographical area. The desire to preserve the exceptional pieces of nature leads to the use of all possible means of nature conservation. Natural-scientific, legal, technical and economic activities carried out on the territory of this reserve, ensuring the rational use of the environment for the benefit of the entire animal world of the planet.

Honey Run Covered Bridge Chico, CA

Honey Run Covered Bridge is a three-span bridge, built in the 19th century in Chico. Unfortunately it was destroyed in 2018 by the fire. This bridge stood for about 132 years and now it is considered to be the last three-span Bridge in the USA. But some activists are collecting donations to rebuild the bridge and to do it the way it had been before the fire.