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How to relax in Chico, CA

Despite the fact that it is a very small town, it has a huge number of opportunities to have fun. People come here not only for hiking in the mountains, picnics in recreational areas. No wonder that Chico’s informal status is a city of trees and roses. Not far from it are:
  • the mountains of Sierra Nevada;
  • the Oroville reservoir;
  • Bidwell Sacramento State Park;
  • Lake Horseshoe and more.
Due to the abundance of natural resources, tourists can go to conquer the mountain tops, float along the rivers, travel by boat on the lakes, visit parks. The city also offers cycling tracks, rest in green areas within the city. Enjoy amazing views of local natural and man-made attractions. Not less fun in the winter: ski slopes from the mountains, snowboarding, sledding. You can rent the equipment yourself or join a group. Chico has many leisure options for young people: roller skates and skateboards. Nightlife is well developed: clubs, bars, restaurants with good music and parties. And in the city, gambling enthusiasts can try their luck: in California, the gambling business has been legalized.