Movie Theaters in Chico, CA

Cinema firmly entered the life of modern man. So, the viewed film excites, captures, causes emotions - depending on the genre of the picture. Therefore, movie theaters are one of the most popular places for cultural leisure and recreation. A detailed schedule of movies in Chico you can see at the official pages of movie theaters.All the ticket offices are equipped with large interactive boards - this innovation significantly reduces the time spent on the choice of movies. In addition, it allows to avoid a significant gathering of spectators near the box office. Also, you can buy tickets online. If you want to attend a cinema session in Chico, then you better plan this event in advance.

Tinseltown Movie Theater, Chico, CA

If you don’t know how to spend your free time just buy tickets and popcorn and enjoy some movie. Tinseltown Movie Theater has well organized schedule, well-equipped halls and delicious food in the movie cafe.

Movies in Cinemark, Chico, CA

Cinemark is one of the biggest cinema-circuits in the USA, so you can be sure that there is proper service in the movie theaters of Cinemark.

Dollar Movies Chico

Perhaps, everybody at least once has found himself in the situation when there is no spare money to go to the movie theater. Fortunately, in Chico you will not experience such a trouble. Why? In El Rey Theater there are 2 dollar Tuesdays. Any Tuesday you come, you will pay only 2 dollars. Isn’t it cool?