Chico Theater, CA

The world of art is the most precious thing. Art does not know time. And art is always important for its connoisseurs. Even in spite of its long history, the theater is not afraid of time at all. On the contrary, it is very prestigious to attend theaters today. The theatres are visited by all the segments of the society, as know it is an affordable entertainment. Such things as art always attract well-rounded people. Chico is considered to be a very artful city. There are numerous galleries, exhibitions, but the most attractive thing about Chico is Theater. From the very city foundation there have been many theaters. And always they have been visited by many people searching for relax and entertainment.

Chico Theater Company

This is the most famous theater of the city, where the masters of acting are collected together to let you plunge into the play. Every actor in this theater is like fish in barrel while at stage.

Blue Room Theater, Chico, CA

There are plays for every taste in this theater. What is more, there is a young company. Someone may consider it to be not an advantage, but the youth brings the new. So, this theater is more modern and the plays here are the updated versions of the old ones.

Senator Concert Hall, Chico, CA

Performances of absolutely different kind are played at the stage of this concert hall. Not only plays, but also symphonic orchestra performances, concerts and many more. Little advice for you - buy tickets in advance, because ticket sales are way up!

El Rey, Chico, CA

Movies, Comedy Clubs, stand ups and that’s not all. One more concert hall that offers not only theatrical performances, but a wide range of entertainment.