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Art and History

Chico History

In 1860 General John Bidwell founded a small city in California and called it Chico. This is the point where the history of Chico begins. Bidwell, founding the city, wanted it to become an attraction for travellers from all over the world. The layout of the city was worked out exactly by general. Why Chico? When the question how to name the city appeared, John without any doubt decided to name it after the land, where his home was. So, in such a way the city got the name Rancho Arroyo Chico, what means “little stream”.

Chico's Development

Chico was developing steadily and little by little has become an agricultural city, that till now supplies many other areas with the goods. The fertility of the land let Chico produce a lot of the almond and fruit, which grow just excellently in this area. There are a lot of hospitals and medicinal research activities in the city, and it also makes a great contribution to Chico’s economy. What is more, an integral part of the city is the California State University in Chico. One of the oldest campuses of this university stays right in Chico. The University participates in different scientific programs that help Chico to become world wide known as a city of talents and science. If you want to get more information about the city, you may visit the Bidwell Mansion, Chico Museum which was opened in 1904. Chico State University is the center of art and culture of the city, so lovers of museums will definitely have something to do here. It is just amazing how full of art this city is.

Art in Chico. Chico Art Center. Chico Art Galleries.

There are many classical galleries in Chico, but except of them there are also modern art galleries. Modern art as a cultural phenomenon relatively recently has become the subject of theoretical studies, in which attempts are made to comprehend and embrace inconsistent concepts of the disjointed tendencies of art in recent decades. Questions must be analyzed. Chico art Center can offer you professional gallery shows, that will blow you away!

Art classes in Chico, CA

There are a lot of art classes in Chico, but the most popular and the most advised is Painted Cellars Chico. If you want to take some lesson and improve your art skills, you definitely should attend exactly these courses.